Why It’s Crucial to Get Tested for HIV

by Glenn Wortmann, MD, Section Director, Infectious Diseases
June 27, 2019

Have you been tested for HIV? If you haven’t, you are not alone. More than 30 years since the first…

Use the Smart point go-kart to activate the four Smart point locations and it will respond with different sounds and phrases
Five kid-powered zones launch the go-kart through the 360-Degree loop, spin the Ferris wheel and more to help build fine motor skills
Gavin, the go-kart plays fun sounds, phrases, three sing-along songs and six melodies
Teaches the letter "G" and the name of the vehicle
Works with other Go! Go! Smart Wheels playsets, Go! Go! Smart Animals tracks and select Go! Go! Smart Friends tracks (each sold separately)
DIY Oil Paint by Number Kit for Adults Beginner 16x20 Inch - Lions on Mountain,Drawing with Brushes Living Room Decor Decorations Gifts (Framed)

Follow These 5 Tips for Healthy Skin

by Helena Pasieka, MD, Director of Inpatient and Consultative Dermatology
June 20, 2019

Good skin health not only can increase the vibrance of our face, limit wrinkling, and reduce skin cancer risk, but…

Celebrated Physician: Laura Boger, MD

by the MWHC Blog Team
June 14, 2019

After a lifetime of frequent relocations, Laura Boger, MD, has found a home in the nation’s capital as a dermatologist…

Women Should Not Ignore Heart Attack Symptoms

by Hayder Hashim, MD, Interventional Cardiologist, MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute
June 13, 2019

There are a number of symptoms that might be warning signs of a heart attack—from radiating chest pain to something…